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Hello, I am Shawn T Gray, a Cleveland-based independent web designer, graphic designer & brand and design consultant. Over the past five years, I have worked with clients locally and nationally to create unique projects that fulfill and surpass the client's expectations.

Using my wide array of design knowledge, tools, and skills, I have worked to help new entrepreneurs and small businesses create and cultivate burgeoning brands and ideas. I have filled a variety of roles—including information designer, print designer, brand advisor, marketing & customer experience strategist, general consultant, among other roles—while never straying away from my main role as their head (and in many cases, only) creative designer.

I have met many amazing entrepreneurs, all with unique and great ideas. Each project brings new challenges, requiring learning new tips, tricks, and techniques. One project calls for a series of printed guides. Another project needs a personality quiz. The studying never stops—good thing I am constantly curious!

I am a freelance designer dedicated to making the best possible products for all my clients.

Let's work together to make great things!

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