Shawn Gray Design

Web Design & Large-Scale Print Design

WIN Collaboratory Logo

  Deliverables: Wordpress-based website & series of 3×6ft. banners

  Audience: Budding entrepreneurs and small businesses visiting a small business development center or other business incubator

  Tools used: Wordpress CMS, Illustrator, Photoshop

  Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP (used for digging into Wordpress files)

For a time, I was working closely with Cleveland State University's Small Business Development Center. The head of the center would pass along leads of people beginning to develop their ideas into full-fledged businesses. I built logos, websites, and other necessary material that greatly heightened the clients' ability to break into the marketspace.

During this time, I was introduced to the team running WIN Collaboratory. Their goal is to help people turn ideas into successful startups and help business counselors positively accelerate the business-cultivation process. They aim to do this with an interactive, indepth manual, as well as making startup incubators mobile.

I worked closely with the three-person team to build the website (basic means to grab the WIN Collaboratory Manual) and a series of large-scale banners. The banners displayed here focus on the local SBDC, but can be modified for any space.