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I custom build each website project from the ground up using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JQuery, and PHP.

No WordPress. No SquareSpace. No Wix. Just thousands of lines of code and pure Shawn Gray Design.

Shown here is a small sampling of my past web design work. Click a logo to view my work.

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Why build like this?

Control over the end product. Plain and simple.

I could rely heavily on templates and CMS like other designers, but then I lose control over how the end product looks and functions. I lose the ability to tear apart, rebuild, tweak, adjust, poke, and prod to get the website to look and work just right.

Besides, who wants a website that looks just like a million others?


Fettler Health LLC

Informational website for a service working to reverse the effects of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity one client at a time.

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Community Vet

Informational website for a low-cost veterinarian clinic based in Cleveland, Ohio. COVID-19 won't stop these doctors from saving as many animals as possible!

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Eagle Vision Aerial Imaging LTD

Informational website for a budding drone photography service.

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ELECTRO-Tax Online Tax Preparation

Self-service tax preparation built for Tax Year 2020. Ambitious website featuring account creation, tax calculations, payments via PayPal plugin, PDF generation, and the ability to e-file tax returns.

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Blog Generator & Manager

Build a blog. Manage tags. List & filter articles. This blog browser-based application was built from scratch to give me the option to start and manage a blog without having to rely on WordPress or similar services.

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Client Account Manager

Browser-based app allowing you to track work you've done and payments your clients have made. An easy, painless way to generate invoices on the fly—this feature not available to the public.

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About the Designer


Creative • Passionate • Driven

I am an independent web developer and graphic designer proudly working with clients from a wide variety of industries.

I work closely with clients to collaboratively create innovative, attractive solutions that aim to inform and engage their audience. With a focus on clean, thoughtful graphic design and modern UI/UX techniques, I work to create usable and polished products tailored perfectly to the clients' needs.

I am here for you!


Bachelor of Arts—Graphic Design (Cleveland State University, 2014)

Member: AIGA, Freelancer's Union, Cleveland SBDC